7 Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke [Reviews & Guide]

best aftermarket oil cooler for 6.0 powerstroke

Internal combustion of fuel generates heat, raising the oil temperature. And intense heat stress triggers several problems to lower the engine functionality.

Right there, you’ll have to install a reliable cooling system. There are several interconnected parts involved. Particularly, you’ll require an oil cooler to keep the temperature consistent.

Even for 6.0L Powerstroke engines, you have to dissipate the heat to maintain operating temp. Likewise, there are lots of aftermarket choices to mess with your mind.

You necessarily don’t have to fall for the wrongful ones. We delightfully picked the absolute best aftermarket oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke here.

Let’s have a quick look at the basic comparison of our choices.

Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke – Comparison Table

ProductAdditional ContentKey FeatureFitmentPrice
1. Motorcraft OEM Updated Engine Oil CoolerScreen & GasketUpgraded OEM Version2003 – 2007
2. Rudy's Heavy Duty Oil Cooler Kit & GasketGasket KitFully New Construction 2003 – 2007
3. Ford 3C3Z-6A642-CA KitScreen & GasketGenuine Branded Replacement2003 – 2007
4. PPE Heavy-Duty Ford Oil Cooler Kit & GasketGasket KitCooled Oil Insertion2003 – 2007
5. AA Ignition Engine Oil Cooler KitGasket KitExcess Heat Dissipation2003 – 2010
6. Dorman 904-228 Engine Oil CoolerScreen & GasketExtensive Quality Testing2003 – 2007
7. TOPAZ Upgraded EGR Oil Cooler KitScreen & GasketPremium Quality Excursion2003 – 2007

7 Best 6.0 Powerstroke Oil Cooler Reviews

You got some insight into the topmost picks from the comparison. But you still require the details to narrow down the available options. Check the best 6.0 oil cooler reviews right below.

1. Motorcraft OEM Updated Engine Oil Cooler

Motorcraft OEM Updated Engine Oil Cooler. best aftermarket oil cooler for 6.0 powerstroke

Allow the oil supply mechanism to uphold a consistent & optimal temperature.

Motorcraft seems like one of the biggest names in aftermarket automotive parts. You’ll find its updated cooler rather satisfactory on demand.

Genuine parts come packed to match certain OEM requirements just right. Even the price tag holds pretty well against the integrated features.

Features & Benefits

Extended Engine Life

Intense internal gradually take down the effective efficiency of any diesel engine. But the cooler radiant helps to maintain a reasonable temperature to dissipate the heat. And it’s likely to encourage the lifespan of a vehicle engine.

No Extra Radiator

Oil acts as a lubricating agent to induce less mechanical friction, damage & buildup. The best oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke immediately helps the oil components to function better. As it happens, you can skip considering additional tanks, pumps, or radiators.

Variable Positioning

The tiny structure bears somewhat similarities with a mini-sized cross-flow heat exchangers. It allows the system to get installed in different positions in no time. Though certain placement can noticeably induce further cooling efficiency.


  • Durable lifespan, effective action.
  • Included gasket along with the screen.
  • Extra cooling layer in the system.
  • Genuine Ford cooler replacement.


  • Slight functional upgrades.


2. Rudy’s Heavy Duty Oil Cooler Kit & Gasket

Rudy's Heavy Duty Oil Cooler Kit & Gasket. best 6.0 oil cooler

Upgrade the heat dissipating mechanism to enjoy extended service life.

Rudy’s Diesel makes the second option with its high-quality cooler kit. The featured pack comes ready to serve engine issues, occurring from intense heat.

Specialized design has to occupy its position, thanks to the superb efficiency. And it’ll cost you some worthy bucks to get in the engine.

Features & Benefits

Enduring Structure

The upgraded design can handle the generated engine heat quite well. Overall cooling action gets better without slowing down anytime soon. Likewise, a durable lifespan triggers an invigorating increase in engine efficiency.

Supporting Details

Apart from the cooler itself, the pack also contains supporting gaskets. It comes from the same manufacture, towards a matching onboard performance. The installed combo will help the system to deliver its maximized efficiency.

Direct Replacement

Its design immediately satisfies the requirements of OEM & other standards. Meanwhile, direct fitting specs can certainly save precious time on installation. And the cooler remains compatible with popular 6.0 Powerstrokes, from 2003 up to 2007.


  • Certain upgrades in function.
  • Sturdy design from its core.
  • Inclusion of supportive gasket.
  • Somewhat easy installation.


  • Slight durability issues.


3. Ford 3C3Z-6A642-CA Kit

Ford 3C3Z-6A642-CA Kit. best 6.0 powerstroke oil cooler

Initiate a convenient dissipation system to hold the actual engine functionality.

Ford itself stepped up to develop a certain kit to match its specs. And it properly satisfies all the necessary OEM standards at once.

Your engine starts over, skipping all the heated adversity right here. Of course, the price seems just find to make a branded aftermarket replacement.

Features & Benefits

Superb Frame

Durability remains satisfactorily good, without compromising with the effectiveness. In fact, the inside mechanism stands absolutely intact against internal heat stress. Not to mention, freshened engine design initiates superior longevity down the road.

High Efficiency

Quicker action of the best 6.0 oil cooler seems convenient to lower the oil temperature. The lubricating property gets to hit the roof, securing the integrated parts. Again, you can enjoy the practical level of engine functionality.

Exact Fitting

Branded construction comes with an appropriate fitting size for installation. As it happens, specified Ford requires no special requirements to get it onboard. It’s to save time, effort, hassle & other issues regarding placement.


  • Quite enduring built quality.
  • Specific fitment on systems.
  • Original gear replacement.
  • Included O-rings for a gasket.


  • Somewhat tiny layering.


4. PPE Heavy-Duty Ford Oil Cooler Kit & Gasket

PPE Heavy-Duty Ford Oil Cooler Kit & Gasket. bulletproof diesel oil cooler reviews

Oil cooling action gets a solid promotion to retain vehicle performance.

Another convenient aftermarket choice comes ready with extra supporting inclusions. Pacific Performance Engineering (PPE) induces superb excellence in lowering the oil temperature.

Its upgraded functionality checks out the damaging elements from your engine. And the price tag holds right enough to occur in your checklist.

Features & Benefits

Promoted Cooling

No more hot oil flow to enter engine turbo, injector, pump, or bearing. The improved oil cooler induces certain design modifications to reduce stress. Further implementation of additional row triggers excellent heat dissipation.

Complete Support

Included accessories feature gasket kit, particularly to integrate O-rings facility. Not to mention, standard Viton O-rings can withstand high-pressure oil pump stress. The throughout seal remains completely intact from inside to prevent leaks.

Protective Action

End result causes uninterrupted delivery of cooled oil to the further engine system. A large-sized internal passageway minimizes the restrictions on fuel flow. Least wear occurs on injectors & essential turbo parts to uphold the overall workability.


  • Highly durable structure.
  • No sudden crack to occur.
  • Improvised coolant flow.
  • Robust internal passages.


  • Limits on torque specs.


5. AA Ignition Engine Oil Cooler Kit

AA Ignition Engine Oil Cooler Kit. 6.0 powerstroke oil cooler replacement

No more excess heat in the system to damage internal engine accessories.

AA Ignition comes with the right solution for a wide range of vehicles. Its featured cooler kit can effectively decline the high oil temperature.

You’re to receive everything from the aftermarket replacement to satisfy the demands. Even the price seems worthy to get attention.

Features & Benefits

OEM Design

The best 6.0 Powerstroke oil cooler can even compete with genuine OEM cooler kits. Still, it manages to work with the factory specs in the exact notion. The fitting size & effective functionality meets OEM standards just right.

Cooling Effect

Removal of excess heat helps the internal gears to stay active all along. The heat immediately dissipates through the coolant to allow a cool oil entrance. You can even locate the cooled-down oils right under the intake.

Wide Usability

Measured compatibility holds rather impressive with a convenient number of Ford. It can fit into certain versions of F-250, F-350, F-450 & F-550. Obviously, the yearly version remains wide enough to uphold the applicability.


  • Gasket sealing with no leak.
  • Sturdy passage to pass fuel.
  • Wider Ford engine fitment.
  • Quite fast cooling efficiency.


  • Poor filter screen fit.


6. Dorman 904-228 Engine Oil Cooler

Dorman 904-228 Engine Oil Cooler. ford 6.0 oil cooler upgrade

Take out the excess heat from oil composition prior to its burning.

Dorman develops a convenient cooling system to support engine action. The featured 904-228 model goes perfectly with certain Ford engines.

Effective cooling of fuel can definitely help the system from numerous angles. The competitive price tag makes it available for budget-conscious vehicle owners.

Features & Benefits

Reliable Framing

Highly durable aluminum makes up the mainframe to insist on its action. The premium metal remains resistant to corrosion against intense mechanical rigors. Its reliable construction initiates leak-free, convenient & promising effectiveness.

Quality Testing

Every included part came out to get marketed after extensive testing. It specifically concerns the quality, efficiency & longevity in the practical field. Only a satisfactory outcome allows certain parts to serve their purpose.

Direct Fitment

Precise matching is one crucial fact, concerning a hassle-free installation. Not to mention, the aftermarket product can go hand in hand with the original ones. OEM standardized specs promise exact fit towards satisfying output.


  • Reliable aluminum structure.
  • Appropriate fitment on engine.
  • Quality fit, extended lifespan.
  • Somewhat fast cooling action.


  • Slightly tricky installation.


7. TOPAZ Upgraded EGR Oil Cooler Kit

TOPAZ Upgraded EGR Oil Cooler Kit. 6.0 oil cooler replacement

The thermal management strategy for heated engine fuel just keeps getting better.

Topaz itself is one established brand in the aftermarket automotive parts industry. And it induces upgrades for providing convenient solutions to certain issues.

Consistent action comes to satisfy customer demands regarding specified engines. Also, the price tag remains reasonable to compete with its counterparts.

Features & Benefits

Genuine Design

The brand itself particularly focuses on German cars to develop accessories. But the intended cooler kit definitely suits popular 6.0L Powerstroke engines perfectly. Its genuine OEM specs can even exceed the factory-defined originals.

Extra Protection

Removal of excess heat enables a secure mechanical action from the inside. Certain passageway presents minimal restriction on fuel flow to feed the injector. Extended protection regarding Ford 6.0 oil cooler upgrade retains immediate freshness.

Reliable Setting

Simple installation starts to encourage the overall performance from the beginning. Direct replacement saves effort on setup, thanks to its precise fitting specs. Supreme reliability tends to induce reliability against intense heat stress.


  • Incredibly high material quality.
  • Perfect match for the original system.
  • Pretty sturdy excursion structure.
  • Standard compatibility for Ford.


  • Problems with sealing.


How to Choose Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke?

Every model available in the market barely matches one another in quality. And you’re to settle down for the absolute best, no matter what.

That’s where you’ll require some key considerations to find the best oil cooler for 6.0 powerstroke. It’s likely to take no time to narrow down the overwhelming choices.

  • Engine Fitment

The most crucial consideration lies with the vehicle itself. You must know the required specs of the engine before purchase. Check the vehicle recommendations closely to get the version.

  • Proper Built

Durability of cooler certainly concerns with its design, materials & mechanism. The basics for its action remain almost the same for all models. But design & materials are likely to differ noticeably.

Thick, sturdy & relevant metal is preferable to withstand the stress. The structure must induce good efficiency to dissipate excess heat. Design has to remain compact to ease the installation process.

  • Filter Screen

Integration of the filter screen is more or less, an integral part. The cooler takes out the large-sized particles, retaining extra heat. And a functional screen is essential to prevent random clogging.

  • Gasket Seals

Oil has to pass certain chambers to lose heat. And it involves some lines to stay interconnected. Improper joints lead to leaks or spills to cause oil puddles down the road.

You’ll have to take a good look at the gasket kit. Likewise, it has to include certain O-rings to keep the interior intact. Don’t forget to check the rubber seals before the buy.

  • System Position

The functional accessory can fit into several positions to take down the heat. Compact, rectangular coolers can offer versatility. You may look into the engine manual to find the ultimate position.

  • Fuel Passage

Oil flows in a certain way to unload the heat on its move. But certain oil coolers often end up causing trouble. It primarily occurs due to the narrow passageway, restricting the flow.

Therefore, you should try to figure out the available space inside. you obviously don’t want the injectors to starve. And that’s where a wide passageway can help to retain the consistency.

Clogged Oil Cooler Symptoms

Defective or failing coolers reveal certain symptoms before going blank. Not to mention, vehicle engine parts remain interconnected to each other.

Issues can take place on other defective parts as well. Therefore, visual inspection is a must to detect the exact spot to focus. The basic symptoms include –

  1. Distorted cooler physique with or without broken hose.
  2. Slow acceleration against noticeably lower top speed.
  3. Thick, noxious & black smoke to emit from the exhaust.
  4. Random explosions in the cylinders cause vibrations.

How to Unclog 6.0 Oil Cooler?

Heated oil tends to contain impurities, particles of different sizes. And the built-in filter screen captures the larger-sized contaminants.

It eventually allows the particles to aggregate, initiating clogs. Likewise, you’ll have to check out the buildups to keep the system functional.

There are several means to clean any clogged cooler. You can go for a wide variety of methods, depending on circumstances.

But any wrongful strategy can trigger a potential system upset. Therefore, you’ll have to choose the exact method, based on containment attributes.

Flushing is indeed the most preferable, popular & convenient means. But the defined category of method seems wide, going as follows –

  1. Mild flushing through drawdown separation or filtration.
  2. Encouraging fluid dynamics to improvise the flushing.
  3. Low viscosity to increase turbulence on high-flush temp.
  4. Machine shocks at high temperature for cycled flushing.
  5. Pulsating the system to rapidly change the flow rate.
  6. Changing the fuel flow direction to initiate bending reversals.
  7. The wand on flushing hose end to flush larger shell with access.
  8. Utilizing solvents or detergents for concocting flush fluid.
  9. Chemical cleanup with certain strength for compounds.
  10. Mechanical washing through the means of definite tools.

Oil Cooler Leak Symptoms

One vital component concerning the adapter to establish the passage. And the gasket O-rings hold the lines intact against intrusion or leaks.

Failure of the built-in O-ring system primarily triggers cooler malfunction. And it eventually leads to fuel leaks from smaller to higher extents.

External failure of the adapter often causes the cooled oil to spill out. Smaller leaks induce a puddle of engine fuel on the ground.

In addition, the failure of the gasket triggers a combined inability to cool down the oil. And it externally forces the engine oils to leak out.

Meanwhile, the internal failure of the cooler adapter initiates oil inside the system. Deviations in system pressure cause the oil to occupy the cooler.

Intense pressure on the cooler also forces the oil out of the system. Crankshaft slapping occurs to damage engine functionality.

How Do You Flush an Oil Cooler?

Flushing the oil cooler is one particular task you can attend to by yourself. Obviously, the task slightly concerns with 6.0 oil cooler replacement. It’s indeed a reliable method to clean the clogged screen at once. As it happens, you’re to focus on the down mentioned steps –

#1. Gather all the necessary tools & equipment prior to the task.

#2. Let the engine cool for minutes before making detachments.

#3. Open the system completely, disconnect all powering wires.

#4. Simply drain the entire cooling kit assembly from the system.

#5. Locate the manifold cover from the rear coolant right on top.

#6. Carefully take out the cover, removing connected head bolts.

#7. Replace the cover with a flush adapter in the intended position.

#8. Check the flush adapter to thread into one 45° brass elbow.

#9. Focus on the 45° adapter to thread the whole flush assembly.

#10. Remove the low radiator hose to position a clean receptacle.

#11. Connect the open end of the garden hose to the flush adapter.

#12. Keep flushing till the watery flow comes out to stand clean.

#13. Flush the block, heater core & radiator to remove buildups.

#14. Re-assemble the system by reversing the detachment order.

#15. Start the engine under load to check the coolant temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who makes the best 6.0 oil cooler?

Answer: There isn’t exactly any particular best brand regarding aftermarket coolers. But you can certainly count on Motorcraft to fit the 6.0L engine systems.

Q: What does the Ford 6.0 EGR cooler replacement cost?

Answer: Complete replacement of the EGR cooling system seems somewhat costly. It’s likely to cost you $600 to $1500 to consider $1000 on average. But the ultimate budget specifically depends on your vehicle specs.

Q: What is the best 6.0 oil cooler replacement time?

Answer: Capturing of heavy particles causes the cooler to get clogged over time. And you’re to make a replacement as engine maintenance. Despite the variations, you’re to call for a replacement every 50000 miles.

Q: How much for oil cooler leak repair cost?

Answer: Leaks may occur from a corroded frame or damaged gasket. The cost remains between $100 up to $400 for repairing the corrosion leaks. And damaged gasket is likely to cost you $75 to $200.

Final Words

Rightful operational temperature is one important fact to hold engine efficiency. Aside from the originals, aftermarket models can certainly satisfy the demand. You better find the best aftermarket oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke from above.

And Motorcraft OEM Updated Engine Oil Cooler seems to win the prize. Considering all the aspects, it’s one definite choice for conscious buyers. In addition to the cooling effect, your engine gets to work relentlessly at preferable operating temperatures.

Happy Driving.


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