7 Best Rims for Toyota Tundra [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Best Rims for Tundra

Commentary vehicle design concerns with an appealing wheelset. And certain upgrades can provide several advantages on the road.

Even for Toyota Tundra, you may think of making some change. But you can’t settle for anything other than the absolute best.

There are a good number of metal rims available to get you confused. Likewise, we have enlisted the best rims for Tundra under the radar.

Take a quick look into the comparison of our picks in tabulated form.

Best Rims for Tundra – Comparison Table

ProductMaterialKey FeaturePrice
1. American Racing AR172 WheelAluminumChromium (Hexavalent Compounds)
2. Helo HE878 Gloss Milled WheelAluminumDense Metal Framework
3. Motegi Racing MR118 WheelAluminumPerfectly Fitting Design
4. ION Alloy 171 Polished WheelAluminumPrecise Technical Specs
5. Helo HE791 Gloss Black WheelAluminumLifetime Structural Service
7. FUEL Assault BL-Gloss WheelSteel AlloySlight Item Offset
6. RTX Steel Rim 17X7 WheelSteelComplete Wheel Swap

7 Best Toyota Tundra Rims Reviews

The tabulated features represent a basic comparison between the choices. The details can lead you to the ultimate purchase with a relevant explanation. Check out the in-depth best tundra rims reviews from below.

1. American Racing AR172 Wheel

American Racing AR172 Wheel. Best Rims for Tundra Induce maximum speed down the road with fitting wheels on support.

The very first enlisted one is one clear winner from basic aspects. American Racing stands in the business for 60+ years with satisfaction.

And the AR127 aims at delivering extended output for motorsports. You better settle down for the demanded price tag for the best rims for Toyota Tundra.

Features & Benefits

Aluminum Body

Durable aluminum metal builds up the mainframe with uniformity. And the exterior surface features a satin black finish. It imparts excellent sturdiness to bear the imposed load. The entire loading stress simply gets distributed over the ground.

Standard Size

Measurement looks standard to fit common Tundra systems. Rim diameter measures 17.0” against a precise width of 8.0”. Specialized construction also includes hexavalent compounds for chromium. There is a total of 6 holes to offer a 139.7mm pitch circle diameter.

Custom Design

You’ll have a reasonable 4.5” of backspace with the rim. Speed rating measures V against a sufficient 2800 of load index rating. The item offset comes without any viable dimension. But the purchase excludes nut lugs regarding installation.


  • Enduring aluminum frame.
  • Cover includes a center cap.
  • The standard pattern for bolts.
  • Excellent load index rating.


  • Initial fitment problem.


2. Helo HE878 Gloss Milled Wheel

Helo HE878 Gloss Milled Wheel. Best Rims for toyota TundraThe custom look gets to adorn the exterior for intended designed vehicles.

The next one to make the list comes from a diverse product line. Of course, Helo can take pride in its high-quality HE878 rims.

You can count on its ability to hold the structure pretty well. Likewise, the price tag holds good to get your attention.

Features & Benefits

Premium Built

Again, aluminum dominates the frame to ensure high durability. Matter black finish imparts a luxurious appeal. It even includes specialized chromium hexavalent compounds. Altogether, you’ll have premium support for the vehicle.

Supporting Specs

The rim goes 16.0” on its side against a convenient 8.0” thickness. But dense metal framing induces high weight, measuring 36 pounds. There are 8 holes in total, allowing extra bolts for support. And pitching circle maintains a 6.5” diameter space.

Finishing Touch

Additional features make the choice quite relevant. The best rims and tyres for Tundra include a cap cover without lug nuts. There comes no item offset to promote the functionality. But load index rating goes about 3500, far better than others.


  • Intact metal framework.
  • Superb buildup sturdiness.
  • Excellent value for service.
  • Luxurious exterior finish.


  • Cap may fall off.


3. Motegi Racing MR118 Wheel

Motegi Racing MR118 Wheel. best looking rims for tundraInspiring performance leads the system towards optimum output from vehicle wheels.

The next one to occupy a position promises advanced moving efficiency. Motegi shares technical partnerships with professional racing teams for innovative engineering.

Its featured MR118 can support the dynamics on racetracks & streets. For the price tag, you’ll find the best black rims for Tundra quite worthy.

Features & Benefits

Painted Metal

Aluminum shapes up the whole frame with a moderate density. The sturdy metal induces further durability to withstand imposed loads. And the surface includes a matte black painted finish. And the CA coats remain intact from its core.

Precise Configuration

The featured diameter is somewhat large, measuring 18.0” for diameter. And the thickness goes 8.0” to contain 5 bolt holes. It leaves an enormous 6.27” backspace upon use. The pattern initiates a 72.6mm pitch circle diameter.

Premium Specs

Included cap cover comes with chromium hexavalent compounds. It enables an authentic output for the rime. The load index rating gives a satisfactory 1580 reading right here. Meanwhile, you’ll have a 45mm item offset for a V-speed rating.


  • Functional wheel design.
  • High mechanical lifespan.
  • Precise system fitment.
  • Excellent load tolerance.


  • No lug bolts included.


4. ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel

ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel. Best off road rims for tundraThe timeless design gets to hold without lowering the speed on tracks.

The intended option seems more like a copycat to our 2nd choice. ION Alloy initiates a proud USA design to meet customer demands.

It promises to impart an improvised, stylish, modern vehicle outlook. And the price tag initiates a balance for the offered services.

Features & Benefits

Lasting Design

Standard aluminum loses extra weight, measuring a 20.7 lbs mass. The material integrates excellent sturdiness for holding the loads. Likewise, the surface has a black glossy finish. The distribution of dynamic load remains uniform throughout the entire ride.

Precise Craft

The best off-road rims for Tundra features 16.0” in diameter against an 8.0” thickness. It seems pretty convenient to fit most versions of Tundra. There are 6 holes, inducing a 139.7mm pitch circle diameter. The single-piece structure fits SUVs & certain trucks.

Fitting Specs

Superior motorsport technology enables precise craftsmanship from the inside. its manufacturing standard lets you enjoy an optimum run on wheels. You’ll get a 5mm item offset to leave 4.25” of backspace. A larger assortment seems to dominate the specs.


  • Appealing exterior look.
  • Sturdy metal framework.
  • Standard bolt patterns.
  • Precise physical design.


  • Poor-quality hub cap.


5. Helo HE791 Gloss Black Wheel

Helo HE791 Gloss Black WheelIntegrate maximum wheel action down the track without sacrificing other factors.

Another dependable model from Helo manages to make the topmost list. You can definitely count on it throughout the performance of the job.

But there are certain differences to notice between Helo’s both products. And the enlisted choice features a solid price-quality ratio to attract attention.

Features & Benefits

Metal Sturdiness

Just like the previous ones, aluminum makes up the frame. And it comes with exceptional capacity to withstand imposed load. The metal initiates prolonged durability against rigors. Of course, a steady black finish imparts a glossy outlook.

Load Tolerance

Its size measures a rather reliable 16.0” x 8.0” on installation. You’ll receive a 2200 load index rating for the V-speed accessory. Even there comes an included hub cap to cover the best looking rims for Tundra.

Standard Pattern

Tundra specs go perfectly well with a 6 on 5.5” bolt pattern. As it happens, the design includes 6 holes in total. And the pitch circle diameter remains reasonable with a 5.5” distance. Leftover space is 4.5” for the 25.1-pounded gear.


  • Heavy-duty metal structure.
  • Machined central hub cap.
  • Quite durable functionality.
  • Custom outlook for vehicle.


  • Slight loosening tendency.


6. FUEL Assault BL-Gloss Wheel

FUEL Assault BL-Gloss WheelUphold the effective running speed with larger wheels down the road.

The final one to complete the list comes with a special structural difference. Fuel introduces its massive Assault rim to support heavy wheelers.

You can easily unlock superior on-track action with the best wheels for Toyota Tundra. The price tag looks standard for its size, specs & service.

Features & Benefits

Steel Alloy

The construction features a high-quality steel alloy to uphold its dignity. Your wheel gets extreme supporting strength with the alloy. It certainly contributes to the weight, measuring 49 pounds. But unquestionable durability prevails towards intense, heavy & random applications.

Standard Bolt

It maintains a solid 6-bolt hole to fit common vehicle configurations. And the pitch diameter measures 135mm, slightly deviating from its precise spec. But it leaves 4.75” backspace to continue with the expected outcome.

Sheer Size

Like no other, the rim measures 20.0” in diameter with 9.0” thickness. The forged structure achieves a reliable 2500 load index rating. You can make an extended upgrade right there. It even includes Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) as a special privilege.


  • Durable steel infrastructure.
  • Excellent fitment precision.
  • Superior carrying capability.
  • Glossy black paint on the surface.


  • Conical STD requirement.


7. RTX Steel Rim 17X7 Wheel

RTX Steel Rim 17X7 WheelTry something with structural differences to encourage the overall riding experience.

Special privilege helps the choice to occupy the next list position. RTX integrates some solid features, reasonably different from the aforementioned ones.

The best wheels for Tundra is one premium aftermarket option to upgrade your system. And you just need to spend on its convenient price tag.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Steel

Unlike no other, you’re to introduce steel for the wheel support. The metal meets or exceeds industry standards rather well. Apart from superb structural strength, you’ll have extended longevity. It even enables high load tolerance with uniform distribution.

Custom Specs

It measures 17.0” in diameter against 7.0” in thickness. The dimensions are somewhat different from standard configurations. Meanwhile, its unique central bore goes about 106. Therefore, you can get the rim to fit slightly modified or deviated systems.

Further Uses

A standard bolt pattern of 6 holes on 5.5” or 139.7mm pitch allows extra uses. It’s one aftermarket replacement you can definitely purchase. Whether it’s spare tire/rim or full wheel swamp – you can attend to the maximized performance.


  • Approved steel quality.
  • Precise 17” tire fitment.
  • Customized rim specs.
  • Extra loading capacity.


  • No special feature.


How to Choose Best Rims for Toyota Tundra?

Wheels give the speed on the track towards the destination. And it primarily requires a supportive rim to get going. But choosing one from lots of options feels like an absolute hassle. Know the key considerations to attend the best rims for Tundra from below.

Physical Specs

You’re to determine the tire size prior to choosing the rime specs. There are different sizes available to meet your requirements. Don’t forget the bolting pattern (hole & pitch) to make a precise fit.

Frame Materials

Aluminum comes with less weight to deliver satisfactory strength & durability. You can obviously go for steel for heavier applications. Closely check the painting, backspace & structural uniformity.

Load Tolerance

Checking the capacity limit seems a good idea with upgrades. Customized modifications often initiate extra stress on the system. You need to look into the structural stability against imposed loads.

Overall Outlook

Upgrading the current look highly concerns with the rim design. Only a matching look can encourage the existing elegance. Likewise, you can attend to some custom patterns to induce a stylish appeal.

Precise Fitment

Proper fitment should come first regarding easy installation. Deviations from fitting specs are likely to present certain problems. Focus on the uniformity in shape, material, design & other features.

How to Take a Tire Off a Rim at Home?

Taking the tire off any metal rim possess a certain risk, depending on the implementation. But you can get the job done without adding up garage cost. It just requires some careful notion to ensure a secure removal.

#1. Disconnect the wheel-tire combination from the car. Loosen the lug nuts in a standard “5-Star” pattern.

#2. Locate the air cap on the tire to remove the locking pressure. Utilize a core removal tool for tire deflating.

#3. Simply disengage the bead from the targeted rim. Gently drive over the tire for forcing its rubber down.

#4. Insert one or two tire levers to catch the hidden lip inside. Keep prying upward to take off the entire lip.

#5. Lubricate the rim edges before prying the accessory upward. Take off the rubber from the rim metal.

Toyota Tundra Wheel Bearing Problems

Wheel bearing interconnects all the tires, hubs & rims to ensure a smooth ride. But the accessory has its limits, remaining prone to damage or defects. And you’ll have to make an immediate replacement before hitting the road.

Loud metal grinding noise frequently comes from the tire or wheel. Defective bearing initiates extreme friction, resulting in wobbling wheels. Noticeably fast effect on tires, wearing out its frame becomes evident.

Loosened steering over excess wobbling, possessing driving risk. Snapping, clicking, popping, knocking, or plumping at random order.

Toyota Tundra Rear Axle Bearing Replacement Process

Making the replacement for axle bearings is indeed a delicate process. Unless you know the mechanisms pretty well, you better leave the change to professionals. Still, knowing the process can help you to understand some obvious facts.

#1. Lift the rear end for supporting the portion with a jack stand. Chalk the front tires to remove the rear wheels.

#2. Disconnect the brake line with the parking brake near the brake drum. Take out the bolt holding the ABS sensor.

#3. Carefully remove the brake drum from its supporting assembly. Use a 24mm socket to drain the rear differentials.

#4. Utilize a breaker bar with a 14mm socket to loosen the axle housing. Gently remove the bolts to recover the axle.

#5. Keep pressing to get the axle out of its inner retainer with a tone ring. Maintain an aligned pressure on the axle.

#6. Set the brake drum, keeping the axle bearing on its bottom. Pull the dust seal with pliers to take out the bearing.

#7. Replace the worn-out tools with shielded axle bearing. Slightly smear some grease inside the dust shield.

#8. Cleanup the axle using suitable brake cleaners. Restore the removed exterior retainer ring with its snap ring.

#9. Undo the removal of the ABS tone ring with the inner retainer. Now simply remove axle seals to replace them with new ones.

#10. Establish a precise alignment between retainer & seal. Now reinstall the axle into the housing to finish the task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What wheels fit tundra?

Answer: Wheel sizes largely differ to accommodate Tundra, depending on mechanical specs.

Q: What rims fit the Toyota tundra?

Answer: Rims featuring 5 x 150 bolt pattern or somewhat close perfectly matches Tundra.

Q: Will Chevy rims fit Toyota tundra?

Answer: Certain options can make a proper fit. You better check the central hub specifications.

Q: Will Chevy 6 lug fit Toyota tundra?

Answer: A similar 6 on 5.5”/139.7mm bolt pattern allows Chevy 6 lug to fit Tundra systems.

Final Words

Rubbers on a steady rim can support the expected speed down the track. Regardless of the vehicle type or driving intention, you must settle for the absolute choice. And you better get the best rims for Tundra from the aforementioned list.

American Racing AR172 Wheel surpasses other enlisted options with service. Unless you have any viable restriction, you can comfortably skip all others. The model integrates quality, material, functionality, outcome & price just right.

Happy Driving.


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