7 Best White Wall Tire Cleaner Reviews [Buying Guide]

Best White Wall Tire Cleaner

Whitewall tires are more like a classic accessory, almost non-existent now. But the problem occurs with its whitish surface, troubled with dirt.

And the brownish cover on the beautiful surface keeps piling up. You have to clean the tire frequently to hold its appeal, construction & décor.

What you actually need is one absolute best white wall tire cleaner. Of course, you can’t afford to recover the damages over improper cleaners.

Our experts narrowed down the available options to ease your search. Keep scrolling to discover essential facts concerning whitewall cleanup.

Time to look into the top choices in a tabulated comparison.

Best White Wall Tire Cleaner – Comparison Table

ProductTypeUsabilityKey FeaturePrice
1. Black Magic Bleche White Tire CleanerSprayOnly TiresFaster Attack on Contacts
2. Mothers Foaming Wheel & Tire CleanerSprayWheels & TiresSpot-Free Rinse
7. Duragloss Whitewall Tire CleanerSprayOnly TiresSurfactants with Cleaners
3. CarGuys Wheel and Tire CleanerSprayWheels & TiresEco-Friendly Formula
4. Coker Tire Wide White Whitewall CleanerSprayOnly TiresBeautifying Surface Finish
5. Turtle Wax All Wheel and Tire CleanerSprayWheels & TiresDeep Cleaning Foam
6. Cycle Care Whitewall Tire and Wheel CleanerPourWheels & TiresWatery Rinse Application

7 Best White Wall Tire Cleaner Reviews

There wasn’t much information to compare the preferred picks. But a detailed explanation is necessary for helping you to understand each product closely. Check out the white wall cleaner reviews right below.

1. Black Magic 120066 Bleche Wite Tire Cleaner

Black Magic Bleche Best White wall Tire Cleaner

Attach all the sticky soils to remain intact on tire surfaces.

The first one comes from Black Magic to act its relevance. You can take care of anything through the featured cleaner’s composition.

Guaranteed cleanup performance ensures satisfying appeal without sacrificing much effort. And the whole bottle costs you some mere bucks on purchase.

Features & Benefits

Dissolving Formula

The Premium blend of chemical agents starts to act rather fast. The dissolving formula brake all the intruding contacts from its core. Whether it’s dust, grime, or other road films – you can wager on its capability.

Primascrub Fortification

Apart from other chemical agents, the composition specifically contains Primascrub. The primary task concerns with attacking soils, badly adhering to the surfaces. It imparts additional cleanup power to the sprayed drops.

Simple Application

Easy use is another basic point to notice with the best cleaner for white wall tires. It just requires a slight turning of the head knob to open the gaps. Then keep pressing the plastic handle to spray the liquid on tires.


  • Faster acting formula.
  • Powerful chemical blend.
  • Simple watery rinse.
  • Wide application field.


  • Not for metal wheels.


2. Mothers 05924-6 Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Mothers Foaming best Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Easily treat the whole wheel system to recover its fresh appeal.

And Mother certainly realizes the intense level of disturbance with soils. It develops a 05924-6 formula to help with your surface dirt problem.

You don’t have to remain cautious regarding rim or wheel contact. And the price holds a standard amount for its packed content.

Features & Benefits

Sport-Free Clean

The powerful formulation of its chemical composition initiates faster cleanup action. The non-acidic agents relieve the sticky soils from adhering surfaces. A completely spot-free outcome will immediately restore the actual gloss.

Easy to Use

Hose off design includes spraying on the mechanism to ease your effort. Just keep pressing the handle to control the amount of liquid. Of course, the rinsed level of its concentration should hit the black walls & whitewalls.

Safe Application

You’re free to apply the cleaning agent on OEM wheels & hubcaps. Despite the compatibility limitations, it comes ready to provide an optimum result. The formula is secure to use on factory-made wheels with painted, clear-coated/color-coated, chrome finish.


  • Pretty fast surface cleanup.
  • Convenient spot-free rinse.
  • No requirement for hand dry.
  • Simple soil dirt penetration.


  • Only for four-wheelers.


3. Duragloss 701 Whitewall Tire Cleaner

Duragloss 701 Best Whitewall Tire CleanerEnsure immediate recovery of the whitewall tire’s glossy finish in no time.

The last one to get on our checklist is indeed a simple choice. But Duragloss promises to deliver maximized cleanup action for certain tires.

It lacks the presence of special features, not in performance or efficiency. And the price stays within standard range to hold the attention.

Features & Benefits

Quick Cleanup

It basically takes no time to remove the dirt, dust, grime, or soils. Premium formula with powerful output ensures immediate cleanup on use. But waiting for some extra seconds will provide the maximum result.

Brightening Action

The mild chemical composition excludes acids or toxic elements. One particular benefit lies with its capability to restore the bright appeal. The formula can restore a fully cleaned surface quickly, even for the best whitewall tires.

Superb Usability

You can get the cleansing agent only for the rubber tire. As it happens, the concentration doesn’t affect metal rims either. But you can apply the chemical on mats, Blackwall & even engine parts.


  • Stable chemical composition.
  • Inclusion of active surfactants.
  • Immediate outlook recovery.
  • Preferable dilution of cleaner.


  • Slight side effects.


4. CarGuys Wheel and Tire Cleaner

CarGuys Wheel and Tire CleanerSkip the anxiety regarding wheel & rims material compatibility during cleanups.

The next one to make out a checklist is one premium composition. Car Guys prepares a functional formula to handle all sorts of stickiness.

Its eco-friendly action comes ready to encounter any harmful element. But the complete satisfaction comes in a slightly higher price tag.

Features & Benefits

Superior Response

Road salts with winter grime represent the most harmful agents for the wheel system. But the high-end cleaner manages to resist further deteriorating action. Simple spraying on the affected spots will wash away all the corrosive salts.

Special Formula

Its specialized composition remains 100% free of harmful chemical compounds. The best tire white wall cleaner features a balanced pH without acidity or toxicity. Hardworking Americans maintain safety regulations to the highest level.

Secure Application

You can apply the chemical without giving any second thought to materials. Aluminum, alloy, chrome, polished, painted, coated, dipped – it can suit anything. The formula can cover all sorts of applicable sectors available on the market.


  • No damage or stain on wheels.
  • Immediate recovery of outlook.
  • Maintained safety regulations.
  • The prolonged freshness of surface.


  • Very careful application.


5. Coker Tire 91800 Wide White Whitewall Cleaner

Coker Tire 91800 Wide White Whitewall CleanerClean the disgusting grime, soil & dirt piling on the tire surfaces.

Tire requires more frequent cleaning, in comparison to metal wheels. And Coker gives you the opportunity to treat the tires anytime.

Conventional yet convenient cleanliness starts to prevail right after its recovery. Even its price seems to stand on your side with an affordable tag.

Features & Benefits

Faster Recovery

The formula contains some powerful chemical compounds without possessing any acidity. And there comes no toxicity issue to threaten your health. Simple spraying immediately starts to break the contact. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time on cleanup.

Beautiful Finish

Premium service promises optimum cleanliness following its full process. Also, it helps to restore the faded outlook of the rubberized tire. A satisfying finish will definitely induce somewhat further outcomes to win the heart.

Harmless Action

One peculiar fact often concerns with its suitability on metal parts. The featured one treats only tire, not the metal rims or wheels. You can sigh a collective breath of relief with the cleaner. In fact, the cleaner possesses no harm to the supporting metal.


  • The specific formula for tires.
  • Quick finishing recovery.
  • Absence of harmful agents.
  • Complete cleanup action.


  • The initial response is slow.


6. Turtle Wax T-18 All Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Turtle Wax T-18 All Wheel and Tire CleanerRemove all the residuals to aggregate on tires & rims with time.

The next choice features standard action to satisfy your cleanup demands. Turtle Wax performs a pretty good job to match your lifestyle.

Ultimate shininess remains just one step away to encourage the vehicle’s appeal. And the price is unbelievably low for its throughout service.

Features & Benefits

Complete Cleanup

You better get ready to treat the entire wheel system with some sprayed liquid. The active agents can reach the narrowest point to remove residuals. From the rim center towards the outermost surface, you can expect optimum recovery.

Secure Formula

The featured foaming agent initiates powerful outcomes through synthetic brake removers. The non-acidic formula simply possesses no potential health threat with toxicity. Its biodegradable composition contains no phosphorus to remain eco-friendly.

Restored Outlook

Even the most stubborn particle gets no chance to damage the gloss. Just wait for 30 – 40 seconds with the best whitewall cleaner to ensure absolute penetration. Simple rubbing to wash the chemicals can restore the actual look on the first attempt.


  • Wide material compatibility.
  • Immediate brightening action.
  • Non-toxic & biodegradable.
  • A simple scrubbing with a brush.


  • Lower cleanup duration.


7. Cycle Care Whitewall Tire and Wheel Cleaner

Cycle Care Whitewall Tire and Wheel CleanerDon’t feel disgusted with all the piling dirt, aggregating on wheel systems.

You’ve to remove the sticky craps through a reliable spraying liquid. Cycle Care seems to reach the automotive industry with its high-quality cleanser.

But its featured chemical lacks spray to go conventional pouring. The price-quality ratio looks reasonably good, considering every important aspect.

Features & Benefits

Powerful Formula

The chemical composition possesses no threat to peel off your system design. There come no acid, toxic, or damaging agents with the formula. Still, the compound remains steady to wipe out the elements.

Complete Cleanup

You can treat the entire structure, from the rim center to the tire surface. Likewise, it barely affects any metal, coat, paint, or other finishing items. Therefore, an excellent recovery of outlook occurs following its application.

Simple Application

Standard configuration mostly features a spraying system. There’s no need to holding the button to reach narrow corners or joints. Pouring some drops on a scrubbing brush can handle the difficulty.


  • Faster cleanup performance.
  • Simple water rinsed formula.
  • Great range of applicability.
  • Excellent whitewall support.


  • No service for Blackwall.


Why Did White Wall Tires Go Away?

Whitewall tires were more like an integral attribute of classic vehicles. The origin of such tire design almost dates back to 1914 in the USA. And the popularity hit the roof in the 1950s.

Modern tires featuring certain rim patterns started to occur by then. And whitewall tires almost lost its value towards the customer in 1962 due to improved design, elegance & dynamics.

Modern car manufacturer produces the tires no more. But there are some companies to continue their production. And you’re to look closely to identify whitewall tires on vintage cars.

How to Clean White Wall Tires on a Car?

Cleaning the whitewall tires is no hassling or troublesome task. It just requires some special attention to uphold its glossy finish. You can easily clean the wheel section through the following steps –

#1. Before anything else, simply dilute the chemical concentration. Use normal, clean, fresh water to reach an applicable concentration.

#2. Cleaning the entire vehicle should start with the wheel section. It should prevent the cleaner from splattering any damaging elements.

#3. Start treating one wheel at a time. Thoroughly wet the whole structure using pressure water or garden hose.

#4. The primary application should wipe out all the loose dirt. Now start applying a chemical cleansing agent to the entire surface.

#5. Ensure uniform application to reach a saturated state. Whether it’s spray or clothing – cover the entire tire from top to bottom.

#6. Leave the tire for 30 – 40 seconds to penetrate the rubber. Check the cleaner manual to determine the exact time requirement.

#7. Initiate agitating through the soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn grime. You can also utilize a sponge or scrubbing pad.

#8. Continue the process to take out somewhat visible stains, dust, or soils. However, don’t attempt to press too hard against the surface.

#9. Rinse clean with water, preferably garden hose or pressure bucket. Take your time to full coverage for the entire tire surface.

#10. Repeat the same process for the other 3 tires, one at a time. Then, you’re free to wash the upper section of the vehicle.

#11. After thorough cleanup, let the tires dry (with or without the whole car). Using a microfiber towel or terry cloth can induce shiny surfaces.

How to Clean White Wall Tires on a Motorcycle?

One amazing fact about whitewall tires concerns with its motorbike preference. The classic tire is almost non-existent for cars, not motorcycles. Passionate motorcyclists still prefer whitewall tires to encourage appealing value.

Likewise, the tire requires cleanup to hold its shiny, elegant & pleasing look. Obviously, there isn’t much difference to notice between motorcycle & car tires. Therefore, you can conduct the same process on motorcycle tires.

Of course, you can enjoy better cleanup coverage with motorcycle tires. But the intended tires are somewhat thinner than 4-wheeler tires. Therefore, careful application of diluted cleanser throughout the surfaces is a must.

How to Protect White Wall Tires?

Of course, whitewall tires require extra care to hold their appealing value. You have to protect the outlook, quality & surface design.

Likewise, you should take good care of the individual tire from inside out. Though there’s no well-defined rule, you can follow certain steps.

  • You better give the tires a basic cleaning rather frequently. In fact, a regular cleaning with a specialized cleaner can hold its freshness. You can also use normal water after conducting a long drive.
  • The next portion concerns the brightened white appeal. Take some baking soda on a sponge or damp cloth to wipe the white sides. Use an eraser cleansing pad or light sandpaper for stubborn stains.
  • And you’ll have to retain the freshness at maximum level. Clean the tire at least every two weeks. You can also use a convenient tire dressing to protect the white surface from weather damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the best whitewall tire paint?

Answer: There are different types of available whitewall tire paint here. But water-based paint provides the most satisfactory result.

Q: How much are white wall tires?

Answer: The estimated cost actually depends on tire quality. But for standard, you’re to spend $250 – $350 on dependable options.

Q: Can you use bleach to clean whitewall tires?

Answer: Bleach is an effective yet corrosive cleansing agent. For rubber tires, you better avoid using bleach to skip permanent damage.

Q: What is the blue stuff on white wall tires?

Answer: Blue stuff is more like a soapy stain or residual layer. The primary task of putting blue stuff concerns white lettering protection.

Q: Does Michelin still make white wall tires?

Answer: Former French Michelin is no longer active. But it’s still in the business but under different owner administration.

Final Words

Almost all car owner or driver prefers a weekend vehicle maintenance. And the job has to start with exterior cleaning of wheels, rims & tires. Only the best white wall tire cleaner can save you hassles on stubborn grimes.

Likewise, you should settle for Black Magic 120066 Bleche-White Tire Cleaner right away. Unless you have any restrictions on its use, you can attend the most satisfying cleanliness. Everything about the chemical, even the price remains worth.

Happy Driving.


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